Trampolining Club Notice

Could all that attend Trampolining Club please note that it will not take place on Monday 24th February and Monday 3rd March due to Year 11 mock exams.


Tim Prendergast visits our Sky Sports Living for Sport Group

Tim Prendergast visits our Sky Sports Living for Sport Group


On Tuesday 21st January a group of 19 of us took part in a Sky Sports Living for Sports day, with our mentor the Paralympic gold medallist, Tim Prendergast. The day consisted of him talking to us about his past races in the Olympics and how he grew up being visually impaired, with only having 5% vision whilst trying to live a normal teenage life in New Zealand. He then played several numbers of games which included team work, skills and mental toughness. I think that the girls in the years below, who were not all the same ages were able to communicate with each other after these games, and found that they all had some things in common to do with sports, which made it easier to get along. Tim showed us all how by not having a certain advantage ie his vision, that it should not stop you from trying to peruse your dreams in whatever you want to do, and that giving up is not an option. We all took new skills and new knowledge away from that workshop day, it was extremely inspirational.

Written by Amber Hassan (Year 11)